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Jeff Lane & Hundred Acres

Formed: 2010

Location: Kingsport, TN

Genre: Pop/Rock, Folk/Rock, Alt Indie/Rock 

Styles: Pop/Rock, Modern-Era Folk, Roots/Rock, Alternative Contemporary Pop/Rock, Alternative Indie/Rock, Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Contemporary Blues, Indie/Rock

Members – Jeff Lane, Matthew Oakes, Quentin Horton, Brian Seiler, Johnny Nat Rasar

HUNDRED ACRES is a soulful trip through the Appalachians, lead by songwriter Jeff Lane.  Along with “classic” original music that “feels” familiar,  Hundred Acres always leaves audiences speechless when dragging out the most unexpected covers, transformed with mandolin, banjo, and other genres of performance all together! The legendary Quentin Horton (from Quentin and The Hillbillies’ fame) plays his unique hand-built telecaster like it was an extension of his arm and Matthew Oakes adds the signature “flavor” of the band with a pseudo-rock/Flamenco twist on the mandolin! The real attention however comes from the 3 and 4-part vocal harmonies! 

In 2010, literally from out of nowhere, Folk/Roots songwriter Jeff Lane seemingly crawled out from under a rock and released a record with a band called Hundred Acres at his very first show. People noticed something very unique and they liked it. For roughly 20 years, music had been a private thing for Jeff Lane, but after literally being pushed into the public as the bank reclaimed his farm during the recession of 2009, something was rekindled in his life, something that connects with any hardworking American who has weathered a storm. After realizing that his only remaining possession (music) wasn’t meant to be kept a secret any longer, Lane reinvented himself by releasing a culmination of music he’d been building behind closed doors for over a decade. Since nobody knew that he was a guitar player or a song writer, he knew the music would have to be more than anyone would have ever expected. From that moment, it began…

Singer, songwriter, and guitarist Jeffrey Allan Lane, mostly known simply as Jeff Lane grew up in Kingsport, Tennessee, where he began playing guitar fervently at the age of fourteen, fascinated by the invention of the “historic” MTV and the great rock guitar players of that era. From an even younger age, his musical roots were watered by his mother’s collection of records stowed away in an eight foot-long wooden stereo cabinet that he would spend entire weekends exploring. Packed full of greats like Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band, The Eagles, Elton John, Jim Croce, Elvis, The Beatles and the Commodores, the old wooden stereo cabinet pretty much sealed his fate as a musician for life. Onward through High School, Jeff’s tastes wandered into harder rock such as AC/DC, Pat Benetar, and REO Speedwagon. After forming a few high school rock bands, life took Jeff out of the public pursuit of his dream. For the next 20 years, he kept his songwriting pursuit private all while picking out the biggest influences in each generation to add to his sound. With a major economical turn of events in 2010, and the loss of Jeff’s business and his farm, an unexpected door opened that started his long-awaited musical journey. That winter collaboration began with Matthew Oakes that would quickly lead to a series of phone calls from guitarist/producer Quentin Horton wanting to record the project known as Hundred Acres. While in the studio, Hundred Acres was officially joined by Horton on lead and slide guitars, as well as guest tracks from fiddle player Kevin Jackson and former Allison Krause & Union Station guitarist Tim Stafford who was touring with Blue Highway as an award-winning guitarist. The result was Jeff’s first record “Where the Buffalo Roam” which he debuted on his 40th birthday in 2011 at his first official gig. Although nervous on stage at first, Jeff’s music brought an energy that grew quickly resulting in a second record exactly one year later called “Feels Good”. At this point, Horton who formerly experienced development in Nashville, suggested that Jeff pursue his next step by experiencing songwriters in other places to find more influence and experience, replicating the journey he had taken years before. For the next few years Lane followed the advice and began playing hundreds of open mics and songwriter rounds within a 100 mile driving radius so that he could return the same night for work the next day. His story-telling style of songwriting, along with tasteful guitar work quickly acquired notoriety as someone wanted in “good” rounds, and opened doors further away and into Nashville where he regularly appears at venues such as the world-famous Commodore. With the growth achieved by constant appearances as a songwriter, Lane has become a powerhouse that commands most rooms, bringing audiences to full attention with the sound of his soulful voice of heavily bluesy-style guitar licks on a beaten 1953 Gibson LG-1.


2011: Hundred Acres – Where the Buffalo Roam

2012: Hundred Acres – Feels Good

2014: Jeff Lane – Rings (single)

2015: Jeff Lane – Best Times

2015: Real Life Heavies – Sixteen Tons (single/cover)

2015: Real Life Heavies – If Breaking Bad Was a Band

2016: Jeff Lane – Pearls (single)

2018: Jeff Lane & Hundred Acres – Music in Your Mouth

2018: Jeff Lane – Movin’ On (single)

2018: Jeff Lane – Downhill from Here (single)


Jeff Lane & Hundred Acres have created an almost legendary presence in the East TN / Southwest VA region. Highly respected by peer musicians of the area as a high-powered musical band, Hundred Acres crosses genres throughout their shows all while adding “a pinch of Appalachian soul. They have made appearances on many local television stations and have performed in many regional festivals including Oktoberfest, Racks by the Tracks, Grillin’ at the Gate, Bristol Rhythm & Roots, and Blue Plum. 

Hundred Acres is made up of a full cast of professional musicians who all work with multiple musical projects. However, just when the time is right they band back together to deliver their unique flavor of what they call “Music in Your Mouth”!

Founder and songwriter Jeff Lane spends much of his time touring the acoustic circuit and has made many appearances on indie radio stations including the famous “Blue Plate Special” WDVX in Knoxville, TN,  “Appalshop” on WMMT in Whitesburg, KY, and 96.3 The Possum Mountain Matinee with Canjoe John Van Arsdale in Bristol, TN. Jeff, in addition has performed at many intimate songwriter rounds and sessions with an A-list of performers over the past few years including Tim Stafford, Bobby Starnes, Chris Knight, Kim Williams, Sean Gasaway, Derek Johnson, Benjy Gaither, Steve Williams, Aaron Barker, Keith Anderson, Lance Miller, Doug Johnson, Bobby Tomberlin, Mark Steven Jones, Aaron Tracy, Randy Finchum, Lara Landon, Emily Minor, Annie Robinette, Justin Mychals, Karen Reynolds, Mason Reed, Robby Hopkins, Mo Pitney, Bill LaBounty, Carrie Tillis, Willy “Big Eyes” Smith, Folk Soul Revival, Holly Williams, Hilary Williams, Bill DiLuigi, Lara Landon, Lanndon Lingerfelt, Johnathan Dean, Marc-Alan Barnette, PJ Steelman, Scott Southworth, Heino Meoller, Morgan Alexander, Judy Paster and many more. Jeff has toured with the Love, Lies & Lyrics songwriter tour as well as annual tours today as part of the Fabulous Flying J’s Song-Teller Tour every winter.