In the Woods


IN THE WOODS by HUNDRED ACRES   / CD “Feels Good” 2012 / J. Lane

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I make my livin’ / In the woods
Just like my Grandpa did / I always have the goods
And if I die / Before I wake
Sam might lose a revenuer man / He’ll make a big mistake
Cause’ he can’t bring me down / Not in the woods
Well I ain’t givin’ / Big man no tax
Buncha’ suits runnin’ round DC / Making deals behind our backs
And where I’m from / Blood beats gold
Folks take good care of one another / And men don’t sell their souls
And they can’t make me sell / Not in the woods
It all changes / When they cross the creek
They’s boobies in the bushes all over the place / When they go to leave
Just try and take it / I’ll go for broke
I’ll set ‘ol Red loose on ’em / It’ll all go up in smoke
Cause they can’t bring me down / Not in the woods
No they can’t smoke me out / Not in the woods