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“HUNDRED ACRES is more than a band, it’s that special place in your mind that you go to remember what it was like hanging out on your Grandma’s porch, or driving that first car full of your buddies, peeling out at red lights, and throwing out your transmission”. Inspired by the loss of a dream in 2010, HUNDRED ACRES founder and songwriter Jeff Lane literally “gave up the farm” and decided that music wasn’t something he could put off any longer now that it was time to start over again, and that it had to be more than anyone would have ever expected, especially since nobody knew he had been writing music for 20 years. On his 40th birthday, he released the first culmination of his work with the album “Where the Buffalo Roam”, officially at HUNDRED ACRES first gig in September 2011.

Since then, HUNDRED ACRES has been turning heads all over with their high-energy, old time twang and alternative country sound. From the first guitar chord off of Jeff’s 1940’s electrified arch top to the screaming Quentin Horton telecaster guitar solos, these boys will keep your attention. Foot stompin’, dancin’, hollerin’ and cluckin’ are all standard at a HUNDRED ACRES show. It all comes from the ability to cross over genres, blending Americana and country, with the sounds of 70’s rock, Texas-boogie, classic soul and even a splash of serious blues! Vocal harmonies and hot musicianship are very memorable strengths of the show, accompanied by the amazing selection of original material!

HUNDRED ACRES has appeared on several radio and TV shows including WDVX’s “Blue Plate Special”, Knox ivi’s “11 O’Clock Rock, WJHL TV11 in Johnson City and WCYB TV5 in Bristol and since has played around 200 live shows! In 2012, the band added appearances at Kingsport’s Twilight Alive Series, Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion and Oktoberfest in the Fall. “It’s been a wild ride” says Lane, “but I wouldn’t change a thing!”

Their freshman record, “Where the Buffalo Roam” featured the session work of Grammy-Award winning guitarist Tim Stafford of Blue Highway and the unbelievable fiddle-playing of Kevin Jackson, from Wolf Creek both great friends of the band. The lineup of HUNDRED ACRES includes producer and lead-guitarist Quentin Horton, Matthew Oakes on mandolin, local legendary songwriter JP Parsons on bass, Brian Seiler on drums and Jeff Lane fronting the band and on guitar. HUNDRED ACRES also has a feature member, local legend Randy Broyles who makes “special deliveries” to the “STRaNGe HeRD”, friends and followers of the band. It would be fair to say that this show is one of the best-kept secrets in the Bristol region.

HUNDRED ACRES sophomore album was released on Jeff’s 41st birthday and showcased the old time raw-energy that the band had found from it’s first season playing live shows and featuring 11 tracks (plus a hidden track – you find it), including crowd favorites like “Thunderchicken”, “Gotta’ Get My Smokin’ Done (Before She Gets Home)”, “Homegrown” and “Somebody Bring Me a Forty”. The band has crossed over many bridges and continues to grow, both in music and spirit, and in the delivery of the shows. You don’t want to miss these boys in 2013, as they are already working on record #3, and it’s off the hook!